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Merricol Gippsland 315
Known to us as Jody. She is a full embryo sister to the famous buck "Warlord". Her line provides good structure with huge capacity & gentle natures. Some of her achievements include: 1st place in over 5yr class Southern Aurora Championships 2010, we don't normally show her due to her age, she is now rising 12yrs. Classified by a respected South African Judge as a 9.5. It doesn't get better than that.

Opal - Golden Boy with background of Limo.
"Golden Boy" Does
Introducing Some of our Does.
We purchased a number of does sired by  a buck known as "Golden Boy" - he was a South African imported embryo. This has proved to be an excellent line & combines well with both our original stud buck 343 "Bob" as well as the Mericol line mentioned above. They carry great hind quarters as well as style & are highly productive does. Golden Boy progeny have achieved the highest meat score in the Objective Measurement Class at Sydney Royal both years that this class has been running.
Grandma just as proud as her daughter Holly
Gypsy Rose - Davel Gypsy x Ningaloo
Ningaloo Does.
Amani Ningaloo has added femininity to our does & has worked well with some of the stronger meatier types by remaining stylish & structurally sound. 
Samantha's Final Job
Mericol 101 - "Samantha"
Having inherited great length from her sire "Limo" & with a long & large rump. She imprints her strong genetics on all her progeny. A proud & grand old lady & accomplished masseuse & hairstyler if you are game.
Samantha passed away in 2011 after assisting one of her daughters first kidding. She is greatly missed.
​Esmeralda & daughter Vala
Majestic, Jody  x Golden Boy
Carrington View offer Classified Stud & Commercial Does for Sale, in kid to your choice of our bucks if you wish. Registered or un-registered. Packages available individually chosen to meet your needs & preferences. Reasonable prices. Honest advice & service.