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Carrington View Boer Goats Client Feedback
 Thankyou for organising the breeders workshop, I learned heaps and am in awe of your magnificent herd.
Bronwyn Barnard - 

My family and I would like to thank Marz Andrew and Lynn Wickenden at Carrington View for all their help of the last 12 months on our Boer goat journey. Their knowledge and willingness to share it is so refreshing and has helped us to grow our little goat farm. Their goats quality and personalities are second to none! We absolutely love our latest addition to the family Galahad! He is like a giant dog with horns and already enjoys a beer around the fire 😂🐐 thank you again for everything!
Matt Kane - Axlo Acres
Thanks Lynn & Marz for an amazing afternoon at Carrington View. Your expert advice is invaluable as we start or little journey down our own boer goat path. Piper and Amore have been informed and are looking forward to September. Can't wait to try out the roast on Sunday! Look forward to seeing you soon. 
Penny & Dave. - Red Sun Ridge
Reserve Champion Junior Buck
Royal Adelaide Show 2014
'Carrington View KRISTOFF'
Thanks Lynn Wickenden and Marz Andrew for breeding such a spectacular animal!
Janelle Templeman
Bernadette Lawlor - Carrington View Boer Goats

Goat meat is my new favorite dish, who'd of thought i'd have to come this far to realize the value of goat!
Lynne Welsh - Carrington View
Thank you from us too Carrington View Boer Goats your feta and sun dried tomato goat sausages were delicious!! Well done Lynn Wickenden and Marz Andrew 
Janelle Stanford is at Hendon Park Boers.
Bymount, QLD · 
High quality BOER Goats - great addition to our stud - highly recommend!

Carrington View Bucks thriving in the Commercial sector, improving muscling, structure & growth rate.

Hendon Park Boers
These Full Blood Registered Boer Bucks from Carrington View Boer Goats have been an awesome addition to our herd, and are out with our registered Boer Does working in the paddock, now that there’s a bit more greenery than in this photo🥰 thanks Marz Andrew & Lynn Wickenden
Hendon Park Boers is at Hendon Park Boers.
Bymount, QLD · 
What a busy week it’s been here with our Commercial & Stud Boer stock💛😅🤩
So great to see the hard work paying off with some excellent quality stock being produced🙋‍♀️👌
Marz & Lynn the Carrington View Bucks have done us proud thank you💛
Bruce Davison

We've got some very good growth on our kids this year from our new buck Carrington View Boer Lucifer.