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Felt and Satin.
Showing has many benefits & reasons to continue the quest for perfection.
We enjoy the opportunity to have our animals evaluated  & compared to others by judges, especially some of the highly respected guest judges from South Africa, the homeland of the Boer Goat. The show scene also provides friendly networking opportunities, ongoing learning from other breeders experiences as well as marketing opportunities & the pride felt in attaining a high standard & being rewarded by awards & recognition as well as that strip of felt.
The goats themselves as you will see in the photos have varying opinions on shows & showing. Some seem to think that beating the competition means "BEATING UP" the competition. Some thoroughly enjoy the social scene. Others find it tiring or perhaps a bit stressful. A few seem to be born to show & soon spot the person holding the camera & pose proudly with their ribbon on. Most are not so keen on the necessary preparation. But all seem to take it in their stride.
"I thought you said Dancing Class"
"You may kiss the
Smile at the camera
I can "Beat" you
"This shower is not big enough for both of us
& purple is not my colour"
"Does this hat suit me?"
"I'm tired
"What happens if I pull this?"
The name's Bond-James Bond
"I don't only like Martini"
"Does red suit me?"
"I need a hug"